The Alonso Quijano Foundation is a private, independent, non-profit institution whose purpose is the integral development of the human being through the promotion of cultural and educational initiatives, especially those aimed at promoting reading. The Foundation was born in Spain and its field of action extends to the entire national territory, even though it also carries out activities of international nature.


    Calle Donoso Cortés, n°6, ground floor

    29002 Málaga (Spain)

    Tel. +34 952 23 54 05

    Fax: +34 952 23 63 22



    The Alonso Quijano Foundation – created by the writer and professor Raúl Cremades García, with the support of the other members of the foundation’s board – was born on 27 November 2000 in the city of Málaga (Spain), and approved by the Ministry of Culture through the MO of 22 January 2001 (Spanish Government Gazette on 15 February 2001). The foundational board of trustees was composed of the following members: Amaya Bolinaga Altuna, Raúl Cremades García, Salvador Fernández Ferrer, Susana Guerrero Salazar and Emilio Alejandro Núñez Cabezas.


      • International cooperation. Sending books to different countries in the world. In collaboration with several NGOs.
      • “Mejora con los libros” (“It gets better with books”). Permanent campaign to promote reading with children hospitalized in the Maternity Hospital of Málaga.
      • Spanish classes for immigrants. Personalized and free teaching of Spanish for adult immigrants.
      • Mini-Libraries Alonso Quijano. Books available for consultation and free self-loans in public places.
      • Training activities. Courses, conferences and seminars related to the promotion of reading. Agreements with several Spanish universities.
      • LEO Class – Reading and Writing. Encouraging reading and writing with the support of new technologies for primary, secondary and high school students.
      • Magazine “Mi Biblioteca (My Library). Quarterly publication, in paper format, dealing with national and international news.
      • Yearbook of Spanish Libraries. Publication that offers a global vision of the librarian situation in Spain.
      • VG Editions. Publishing house with catalogues of university textbooks, books on the importance of reading, Spanish for foreigners and children literature.
      • Reading Calendar. Annual publication with annotated photographs and daily anniversaries.
      • Photo Contest “Momentos de lectura” (Reading Moments”). Promotion of artistic creativity in the field of reading.
      • Resources on reading on the web. Links, libraries, books, blogs, magazines, images, etc.


    The Alonso Quijano Foundation is a non-profit institution benefiting from patronage for all purposes provided for in Law 49/2002, of 23 December, on the Tax Regime of Non-Profit Entities and Tax Incentives for Patronage. Therefore, the donations received will be deducted from the donor’s state personal income tax, within the limits established by law, besides the possible application of any of the deductions approved by the donor’s autonomous community.



    • The promotion of individual and social reading habits, as well as the encouragement of literary creation, both in Spain and in other Spanish-speaking countries or with Spanish-speaking communities.
    • The contribution to a better knowledge and oral and written use of Spanish and to the dissemination of the literary heritage of Spanish language.
    • The promotion of cultural, educational and artistic relationship between Spain and other countries, with particular attention to European countries, due to their proximity, and to Latin American countries, due to language, history and culture.
    • The promotion and development of all types of cultural and educational initiatives, as well as the research and study in any of these fields.
    • The implementation of training activities for teachers, educators and cultural promoters.
    • The promotion of solidarity among people in order to improve the living conditions in their countries.
    • International development cooperation.


    “It is my wish to create a private and independent, foundational, non-profit institution, named Alonso Quijano Foundation, that has to contribute to the integral development of the human being through the promotion of cultural and educational activities, especially those aimed at the promotion of reading.

    I believe that reading, apart from facilitating access to all types of information and promoting human communication and the development of a critical spirit, if seen as a cultural habit, can awaken the sensitivity of the individual and enable him to experience aesthetic pleasure. I firmly believe that reading is an activity that can make human beings of any age and under any circumstances better, freer and happier. The habit of reading can transform the human being in a positive way, as it transformed into fiction a modest nobleman from La Mancha named Alonso Quijano  – from whom the Foundation I want to create takes its name  – into the courageous knight errant Sir Quixote of La Mancha, one of the most adorable, generous and naive characters in universal literature.

    Even though people sometimes consider reading an underrated activity, and do not recognize it the importance it deserves, I believe that reading skills are a fundamental aspect for human development in society. The greater this capacity in our whole society, the better it will be possible to guarantee in practical terms some of the fundamental rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, such as the right to education or to receive information and opinions by any means of expression.

    I am convinced that, as stated in article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, they are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood”. I have the hope and desire that the Alonso Quijano Foundation, through the pursuit of the aims contained in its Statutes, will cooperate for the common good and world peace.  I also wish it would promote universal respect for justice, for the rule of law, for the democratic principles of coexistence and for the fundamental rights and freedoms of all human beings, without any distinction as to race, sex, language, religion or social or economic status. Therefore, it is my wish that the activities of the Alonso Quijano Foundation were governed at all times by the general principles of equality, tolerance, solidarity and fraternity, and that, as far as possible, they would benefit, as a priority, those who have fewer resources or special needs.

    Raul Cremades Garcia.

    Málaga, 18 November 2000”




    José Saramago. 1998 Nobel Prize in Literature (Honorary President from 2003 to 2010).

    Darío Villanueva. Director of the RSA (Royal Spanish Academy) since 2015. (Honorary President since 2016)


    It functions as the governing, management and representative body of the Foundation.


    A body that collaborates with the Executive Board in the government and representation of the Foundation.


    DIRECTOR: Raúl Cremades



    • Director of the magazine “Mi Biblioteca” (“My Library”): Concepción Jiménez
    • Academic Coordinator: Susana Guerrero
    • Graphic design and layout coordinator: Salvador Fernández


    • European Voluntary Service
    • Project Volunteers
    • Multipurpose Volunteers



    People and institutions that collaborate financially so that the Foundation can carry out its non-profit activities in the fields of promotion of reading, international cooperation and cultural and pedagogical training. Minimum fee of 25 euros per year.


    Public and private institutions that collaborate financially with the Foundation.


    People and institutions sensitized to the aims of the Foundation, who are interested in them and who wish to receive information related to their activities. Registration is free of charge.


    Emilio Alejandro Núñez Cabezas. Passed away on 2 December 2008. Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation from the 27 November 2000 until his death.

    José Saramago. Passed away on 18 June 2010. Honorary President of the Foundation from 2003 until his death.

    Luis Cremades Pérez. Passed away on 20 March 2013. Member of the Foundation from 2002 until his death,

    Justyna Dryl. Passed away on 19 August 2013. Volunteer with the Foundation through the European Voluntary Service from March to September 2012.

    Ignacio-García Valiño. Passed away on 5 July 2014. He had been a regular associate of the Foundation as a lecturer in courses, writer and jury member of the “Momentos de Lectura” (“Moments of Reading”) photography prize, from 2004 until his death.


    Darío Villanueva: Honorary president (since 2016)

    Raúl Cremades, President of the Foundation, with Darío Villanueva, Honorary President, at the Royal House in Madrid, for the closing ceremony of the commemoration of the IV centenary of Cervantes’ death. (2017)

    José Saramago: Honorary President (2003-2010)

    Lanzarote, 12 January 2003


    Dear friends,


             It has always seemed to me that little attention, if any, has been given to that enlightened man who is superficially described on the front page of the Don Quixote and a little more on the last page. I am referring to him as enlightened because, if it is really true that reading made him gone mad, then we will have to admit that he chose the best way to become someone else, and I think that is what madness is about. However, my theory is different: Quijano faked his madness. The reason why I decided to write this letter was not so much to talk about my interpretation about changing from Quijano to Quixote; what I truly wanted was telling you that I consider the invitation you have extended to me to be the Honorary President of the Alonso Quijano Foundation as an invaluable token of friendship. I accept it with all my heart and I thank you for it.

    Yours sincerely,

                                    José Saramago.

    Varios miembros de la Fundación Alonso Quijano con José Saramago en su casa de Lanzarote (diciembre 2007).

    Several members of the Alonso Quijano Foundation with José Saramago at his home in Lanzarote (December 2007).

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